The Best Time To Trade

It has been discussed multiple times before that Forex trading goes on for 24 hours during the business days. On the weekends it halts. It is made possible through changing centers. And as these centers are in different time zones, when the work day at one place ends, it begins at the next. This is not a mere coincidence but deliberate planning.

Centers around the world

The day begins with the Asia + Oceania session. Centers in this region are located in Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shangai, Singapore, and Moscow.

Then we move on to Europe with centers in London, Zurich, Frankfurt, and Paris.

The third session starts in America. Here New York, Toronto and Chicago are the centers.

There is no strict demarcation between when one regional session stops and another starts. Between the handing off of the trade from one region to the other there is overlapping too where both are open.

This means more volume and more trade though so this overlapping only helps. For example, almost halfway through the European session, the American session begins.

These times also change when the seasons change as the Daylight Savings begin and countries move their clock.

Now we move on to when a session is most active.

Most of the action in the Asian session usually happens right at the beginning of the day when the initial moves are made and currencies change hands. After that you might have to wait a little, or maybe a lot. But this session definitely sets the tone for the day usually.

London is considered to be the Forex capital of the world. This is because it produces the most activity. So the European session is especially liquid and volatile. One reason for this is that the European session overlaps with the Asian and American sessions.

Anyway, if you’re looking for movement this might be the best time for you. Don’t be discouraged if things get a bit slow around mid day of this session. Once the American one starts they will be a lot more volume to play with.

The American session is important because USD is the highly traded currency and most economic reports are released when the work day in New York begins. This means that this is when moves will be made, depending on the status of the dollar.

So aside from the fact that the start of this session overlaps with the European one, this increase in liquidity is a good reason why you would want to trade at the first couple of hours especially of the American session.

The last part in your beginner’s training consists of understanding all the players of this trade business. Which are the important parties? Read on to find out.

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